Enrico Meloni



Enrico Meloni, producer and remixer, is based in Rome but his music influences are from around the world! DJ since 2004, currently holds residence in the best club in Italy, Muccassassina. He has a lot of followers worldwide, among the gay club scene where he plays the hottest progressive and tribal house combines with amazing vocals & melodies. His sets are always strong and energetic. It doesn’t stop there, Enrico Meloni’s collection of studio works remains continually active & creative with new projects, remixes & mashups. His discography includes original tracks and remix works in collaboration with the most influential DJs and singers of the worldwide gay scene. He has played his sets around the world in the best clubs & parties: Circuit Festival (Barcelona- Spain), Republika (Brasilia – Brazil), Brave (Brasilia – Brazil), Jubileo (Mexico City), Kluster (Madrid – Spain), MeatStreet (Dublin – Ireland), Bordello (Lausanne – Swiss), Red & Blue (Antwerp – Belgium), Centuryon (Torremolinos – Spain), Construction (Lisbon- Portugal), Xtra (Florence- Italy), Trumps (Lisbon- Portugal), Frutta & Verdura (Roma). Few years ago opened Lady Gaga’s concert at Europride of Rome where he played for a crowd of over 100.000 people